Tree Services



After the tree is priced, you can cut your own tree or we will cut the tree for you and make sure the stump is as close to the ground as possible.


We place the tree in a shaker that shakes out all the dirt, old needles, and any squirrels!



Fresh Cut

After shaking we make a fresh straight cut. Do you know how a tree gets its water? It drinks it right up through the bark so it is important not to shave off any bark from your tree. You can get creative at this point! You can take that freshly cut disk home with you, sand it down a little, write the date and a message on it, and glue a ribbon on it to hang it on your tree. You can even put a picture on it with decoupage if you wanted to get really fancy!



We also send every tree, unless requested not to, through our bailer that puts a red net around the tree and pulls the branches in to protect them and make it easier to transport the tree to your home. The net can be cut off with scissors, but wait until you get it in your stand, it is a lot easier!