Tree Care Myths

  • Save the vodka for the New Yearís Eve party, not your Christmas tree. Should you add 7-Up, aspirin, bleach, vodka or sugar to the water?
    The tree experts suggest mixing the 7-Up with the vodka, use the sugar to get rid of the hiccups after laughing with friends and family, and take a few aspirin before bed ó but donít add it to the tree stand. Clean water works best, and some additives can even cause your tree to shed needles and dry out more quickly.


  • It's bad for the environment to cut down a tree and use it for Christmas
    It is much better environmentally to use a natural agricultural crop and recycle it after the holidays. Real Christmas Trees are a renewable, recyclable, natural product grown on farms throughout North America. Unfortunately many people have the misconception that Christmas Trees are cut down from the forest. Real Christmas Trees are grown as crops, just like corn or wheat, and raised on a farm. Once they are harvested, new seedlings are planted to replace harvested trees. These would NOT have been planted if trees hadn't been harvested the previous year.  Fake Christmas Trees however are a non-renewable, non-biodegradable, plastic and metal product most often made in overseas factories.



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